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A matter of perspective

According to Khalil Gibran “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.”

Meet Kate Purtle. At just 25 she is the CEO and Founder of her own business, Persistence Pays, an Australian based brand and online platform assisting women in their journey in the areas of weight loss, health, goal setting and self-improvement.

“Persistence Pays is based on the principles of mindset, weight loss and nutrition. We focus on mindset as being the most important thing to alter weight loss.”

However Kate has been though her own remarkable weight loss transformation journey.

Four years ago Kate weighed in at 133kg (290lb). At this time, despite her over confident exterior she was in a really poor mental state, with a lack of self-esteem and negative self-talk.

“I began my weight loss journey as a 20 year old who didn’t like who she was, didn’t like where she was in life and didn’t like the person she was knowing that she could be a completely different and better version of herself,” Kate said.

“I had an accumulation of pain and that was physically, mentally and emotionally. I reached a point which was my rock bottom. It just clicked one day that I was capable and worthy of living a better life but it was a life that I currently wasn’t living,” she explains.

Kate had a weight loss goal before her 21st birthday. Five months out from her 21st birthday, Kate lost a significant 25 kg.

However, when she went on exchange to the United States of America about a month later she gained 18 kg of the weight she lost during the seven months she was away.

“I felt like a failure and it took me a while to get the courage to begin again,” Kate said.

But Kate picked herself up and got back on track to lose weight.

“What pushed me back into my weight loss was another goal to complete an Olympic distance triathlon,” Kate explains.

“My goal was to get over the finish line. By setting a performance goal it wasn’t as daunting as just trying to lose weight,” she said.

Since then Kate has completed a half marathon, climbed the 12,500 foot Mt Humphrey’s mountain in Arizona, US, lost over 42 kilograms, published a book and started a revolutionary weight loss movement that has gathered over 5000 fierce warriors like herself.

“Over this time I’ve gone from someone who didn’t like who they were to someone who is proud of who she is,” Kate says of the change in her mindset.

Through Persistence Pays, Kate is now paving the way for other women and using her journey, knowledge, passion and experiences to help empower and inspire women to be strong in body and in mind.

“My mission is to assist women in realising their potential and to show them a way of weight loss that is a positive experience,” Kate explains.

“I want to inspire and empower women to transform their minds and their lives. When you join Persistence Pays you join a community of women that are essentially striving for a common goal,” she adds.

“I want to help women achieve what I achieve,” Kate said.

One of the unique aspects of Persistence Pays is the focus on mindset and setting performance based goals.

“I disagree with setting a weight loss target within a particular timeframe,” Kate explains.

“I get my clients to focus on a feeling or a performance goal. I get my clients to focus on daily habits and changing them,” she said.

For example, one of Kate’s clients wanted to be a police woman. She came to Kate for help because she felt like she couldn’t pass the fitness examination. After five months of being coached by Kate, she lost almost 20 kilograms and she just applied to become a policewoman.

“I’m blown away by her. She is just a phenomenal human being and I’m so proud of her,” she said.

When asked what her biggest challenge has been in setting up her own business, Kate said “I began with very basic business knowledge so it has been a huge learning curve.”

“Keep persisting – at times my emotions got the better of me and I wanted to throw in the towel,” Kate advised women starting their own business.

If you are passionate and you know what your vision is and your mission you have to push through all the barriers and challenges. You need to take a leap, continue taking leaps and keep pushing throw these barriers because what is on the other side is growth and development and you will just keep getting better,” Kate said.

To find out more about Persistence Pays check out the website www.persistencepays.com and follow them on Instagram @persistencepays.


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