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Oscar Wilde once said “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” So what happens when you give a woman a mask made of the finest lace, a credit card and a mandate to buy any lingerie that makes her feel like she is the sexiest woman on the face of the planet? The kind of lingerie that makes her feel like she is invincible. A 21st century wonder woman. That’s what Ms. Morales Couture’s founders Pamela Yialas and Justine Pogroske want women to unleash when they buy their Colombian lingerie.

When asked to describe the brand, Pamela Yialas and Justine Pogroske, the creative visionaries behind the brand, said “Ms. Morales Couture is all about bringing out your alter égo.”

Model wearing: MSMC14
Photograph by: Steven Manivong (@stevenmanivongstudios)


“Ms. Morales is every woman. She is shy, playful, sweet but confident about the woman she is,” Pamela said.

There are a few unique features to Ms. Morales Couture lingerie.

Firstly, the lingerie has “no name” and “no face”. If you shop for a set from their collection the set will have a code to describe it and the models will either be wearing a mask or their faces will not be featured in the photograph.









“This is intended to make sure women feel like they can be who they want to be and not be someone they feel they have to be,” Pamela said.

Other brands, Pamela points out, have a name attached to their lingerie.

“They have a Stacy or a Melinda. Then they have a blonde who is immaculate. Then they have a brunette who looks amazing. It’s all about who that model is in that lingerie. To be honest none of us are like that. And so if I go and buy lingerie I believe I have to be like Stacy. So if Stacy is a blonde and she is tall and she has got an amazing figure and I’m a brunette and I’m short then how can I become like her? It’s impossible. So then you go and wear the lingerie and think do I have the time to create the illusion of being Stacy. I don’t want our followers to think they have to look a certain way,” Pamela said.

Ms. Morales Couture believe so strongly that lingerie should be about the women who buy and wear it that their branding has centred around removing the identity from the label. Even the name “Ms.” Morales Couture was carefully chosen by its founders so as not to attach to any particular woman including themselves.

Secondly, Ms. Morales Couture’s lingerie is one of few lingerie labels exclusively made in Colombia. “My design team, the manufacturers, the Suppliers and the material are all Colombian,” Pamela said.



Everything is manufactured and made in Colombia. Even the team is based in Colombia,” Pamela explained.

“I only wear Colombian lingerie and I stand behind it. I want Australian women to have that same experience,” she said.

Model wearing: MSMCXIB
Photograph by: Ms. Morales Couture (

Thirdly, the lingerie is “one size”. In order to achieve this, the lingerie is crafted from lace infused with high tech fabrics that have a strap and clip design that can be sized to fit a woman’s body exactly by forming to their exact curves where needed.

According to Justine “Statistics show that size and fit are two of the biggest pain points for online fashion shoppers.”

At the moment the “one size” caters for sizes 6 to 12.







“When I work with my designers in Colombia, they understand that women have curves because Colombian women have curves,” she said.

“No longer is purchasing lingerie online a difficult process, and we’re very excited for men and partners purchasing for their loved one to never again have to worry about if they are buying the wrong size,” Pamela said in a press release.

Ms. Morales Couture plans to sell plus sizes in the future but, as Pamela explains “We still need to master the needs of plus size women before we can offer it.”

Model wearing: MSMC8
Photograph by: Steven Manivong

Finally, Ms. Morales Couture aims to make lingerie shopping an experience. According to Pamela it all starts with the mask.

“Women find lingerie very intimidating. They’re very self-conscious. For that reason we have masks for our lingerie. Our models wears masks. When you buy our lingerie you get a mask with it. That way you can be whoever you want to be. It is all about having a safe place,” Pamela explains.










“If you’re uncomfortable being a particular personality or a particular fantasy once you put on the mask the chances are you will suddenly let go,” Pamela said.

Ms. Morales blends the two founders’ personalities to create a mix of Latin and South African spice.

Australian-born Pamela Yialas moved to Colombia at the age of 10 where she lived for 10 years. It was in Colombia that she fell in love with the Latin culture and passion for beautiful lingerie. She found that Colombian women treasure their lingerie just as much as they would their fashion outerwear.

“During the period I was there I saw how much Colombian women loved themselves. They make such an effort with clothes and lingerie. It was there that I learnt that as a woman it was important to love myself and take care of myself,” she said.



When she returned to Australia, Pamela realised that Australian women deserved the same opportunity to feel sexy and beautiful at every size and longed for the quality and attention to detail felt in each piece of Colombian lingerie.

“When you buy Ms. Morales Couture, you buy a look and you buy an experience because ultimately that is what we as women are drawn to,” Pamela explains.

Justine Pogroske, co-founder of Ms. Morales Couture made the experience possible with her advertising and digital marketing background. Like most highly creative people, Justine doesn’t limit herself to being creative in just one space. In addition to designing beautiful and engaging advertising through her successful Sydney based advertising agency Million Dollar Branders (, she helped conceive Ms. Morales Couture. With her branding and advertising experience Justine aims to tackle consumer pain points when it comes to online shopping for lingerie and swimwear.

Model wearing: MSMC11
Photograph by: Steven Manivong


Ms. Morales Couture will launch in Sydney on 20 June 2017 at which point Australian women will be asked to ignite their desires and unleash their inner prowess. They also plan to launch in New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai and Asia.

To buy Ms. Morales Couture check out their website and follow them on Instagram @msmoralescouture.





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