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So we all know how difficult it is to eat healthy when you are in the office working long hours. All that temptation in the form of burgers, croissants, chocolate brownies (my all-time favourite!!), fish and chips and pizza. For many years late nights for me meant I fell off the healthy eating wagon. But the secret to staying healthy when you have a really busy lifestyle is like anything – preparation!

At the moment I am focusing on shredding some fat and work has been on the busy side. Quite frankly the idea of making food and preparing my lunch AND dinner the night before gives me palpitations. And I don’t even have children. Honestly – it is just me! So hats off to the mums who manage working the hours, cooking for their kids AND organising their meals so they ensure that THEY eat well.

Here are my top 3 picks for food prep companies based on my experiences and the experience of others that use meal prep companies. They prepare healthy and delicious meals that take the guess work out of what to eat and staying on top of your weight loss goals while managing everything else in life.

  1. 5.4 (Delivers to most parts of QLD, NSW and Victoria)

image01Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain a bit of muscle or maintain your weight, 5.4 has you covered. I use it myself and they deliver fortnightly for about $75 per week (plus a delivery fee). This gets you lunch and dinner 5 days a week. You make breakfast and your meals for the weekend.

The food is surprisingly good for frozen food. I was anti frozen food my entire life. It was either fresh or I didn’t touch it. That was partly driven by the fact that I hate microwaves and to be honest with you I always found frozen food to be tasteless. With 5.4 I found myself eating food I would never even try before. Best of all each meal is specifically designed for women to help them achieve their weight loss or muscle building goals – because women process food and shed fat differently to men! It also has all the nutritional information on the box so you can track your food intake. The only down side is that if you are celiac or gluten intolerant your only food option is vegan food. If you aren’t actually vegan or you haven’t embarked down the vegan path that is a real downer!

Check out and let me know what you think!


  1. Eat Fit Food (Delivers to Melbourne and Sydney)

image00So I’ve never tried this company personally but I know a few people who have. For example a few of the other solicitors at work buy food from there and the food looks pretty delish! One of the partners at work had a frittata delivered from there and I have to say it is pretty damn tempting. You can either buy individual meals in bulk (5 meal pack from $125 for 5 meals) or sign up for one of their programs – the 5 day Clean & Lean program is their cheapest weight loss option at $375 for regular sized meals. So it is certainly pricier than 5.4 but I’m told it is quite nice! According to their website all the ingredients are locally sourced so you would be supporting our Aussie farmers! They also have gluten and dairy free options. However their vegetarian options are limited and they don’t offer vegetarian options for the Clean & Lean program. Check out and give us the inside scoop (pun intended) on their food!



  1. Clean Cut Foods (Delivers to Melbourne and Brisbane) 

image03This is another one I haven’t tried but it looks tempting given my preference is fresh meals. You can choose from either a 4 days per week or 6 days per week delivery option. All their meals are low carb but if you are looking for high protein options then you should choose the high protein low carb option (Note: As someone that has been on a weight loss and fitness journey for about a year now I can honestly say that if you want to lose weight you need more protein in your diet. Medical practitioners tend to say 1-1.5 times your body weight of protein per day is the recommended intake. But if you do not have any medical issues (like kidney function issues) you can up your intake with the guidance of a nutritionist or personal trainer (just pick a good one) who will tell you how much protein you should have to reach your weight loss goals). If you choose the 6 days option they deliver twice a week. You can also choose between a meal plan that delivers lunch and dinner only or all meals for the day. Prices range from $110 to $230 per week depending on the option you choose. Check out I’d be keen to hear how this company is so if you give it a try let me know what you think.


Got a food prep company you think is awesome? We would love to hear from you! We are particularly keen to hear about meal prep companies that make and deliver delicious gluten free foods so please share it with us on Instagram, twitter or Facebook!

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